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Beyond Scared Straight was an A&E reality show that followed state-sponsored programs that sent at-risk teens into prison to get a glimpse of what their lives would be like if they continued down the paths they were on. Christa Faust, author of Money Shot, says, "Pulpy, blackly humorous . Gordo "got in his face" asking him to hit him. Willie was expelled from school for threatening to shoot a teacher. Might that explain why scared straight doesn't work, because it attempts to treat trauma with more potential trauma? ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Dance, Bieber, Dance (#51) October 3 10pm. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. They're [both supporting] adult and juvenile justice reform for the first time that I can remember in my lifetime. Teen Troubles approach is similarly problematic. At the government level, you have to look at the broader range of the population. Copper Canyon has denied the abuse allegations in a statement to the Post, saying The reality is that our students come to us dealing with a variety of behavioral health and addiction issues, at varying levels of severity We offer them a structured and nurturing treatment environment with professional staff who specialize in working with adolescent girls., (MORE: Treating Addiction: A Top Doc Explains Why Kind Love Beats Tough Love), Copper Canyon is part of a network of teen programs run by Aspen Education, which also operated a school known as Mount Bachelor Academy in Oregon. While [producers] may protest, No, we care about the kids, their behavior belies those public statements. If they really cared, he says, they would only select treatments for which we have scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. All Rights Reserved. While the Department of Justice no longer funds these types of programs, many localities and families around the nation continue to spend their own money terrifying young people about crime in spite of the evidence that it may cause more harm than it prevents. His plea and his description of the living hell he was experiencing in prison noticeably brought one of the kids on the tour to tears. Watch popular content from the following creators: beyond scared straight fanpage(@kwasiyeboah875), 26Fonz(@26fonz), 1o11a_ha(@1o11a_ha), diggy(@diggysfunerall), ENVY Steezy(@nvsteezy) . This is a fan page for Beyond Scared Straight this show is the real dealFollow us for daily postings. COSMO earns three awards at the Promax Global Excellence Awards, COSMO premieres Flechas, its fifth short film against gender violence, Dean Possenniskie: A+E will grow through programming not M&A, A+E Networks UK is proud to partner with ZDF Studios on a docu-drama about the women who helped win the battle of The Atlantic. Portland is behind them at 29-31 . The armor-piercing question is thus "How are you supposed to win that fight?" Ashley Tropez, who was featured on the A&E show Beyond Scared Straight, was found dead in her home last week in Victorville, CA. In one episode, for example, a girl is forced to lie down in a coffin and touch dead bodies; in another, a boy is put in casts and a wheelchair. The mother of a former student at Copper Canyon recently told the New York Post that while shed expected a top notch boarding school, instead the program turned out to be a Nazi concentration camp. Former students interviewed by the Post describe confrontational and humiliating tactics, such as being made to re-enact traumatic experiences, including rape, in front of their classmates. 633 following. I spoke with Dr. Petrosino to get his take on why scared straight programs refuse to die. Do you think programs like thisreally help troubled teens like Leigh? On August 13th, 2015, Franklin was fatally shot. //-->