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ListCaboodle - Fun, Informative, And Cool Stories In List Format. I should mention none of them have been intentional Ive just been collapsing a lot every time I think of my bank balance. Irish wedding blessings for a happy couple on their big day Our fun on those long Florida-bound drives came in the form of mad libs, magazine quizzes, and makeovers. This could be from bride to groom, from groom to the bride, or from those making toasts like the best man and father of the bride, traditionally. "Can't beat a good Irish pub" - David Beckham celebrates son's birthday in Dublin, UPDATE: Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life in prison for murdering wife and son, Rita OHare passes a mighty voice for justice is stilled, WATCH: Irish bishop's funeral held in Los Angeles today, Liam Neeson, Michael D Higgins and Bono among voices featured on "Patrick Kavanagh Almost Everything'", Brian Donnelly, Irish American visa hero, has died. A Celtic Knot is the most common symbol that is used, for obvious reasons, but people may also use the Celtic tree of life, a horseshoe or lucky shamrocks to bring about good fortune on the day. Communicate what qualities you admire in her. 9.) Thank you so much and I cant wait to read it at my best friends wedding! Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Irish Wedding Toast Samples and Tips on Writing: Full Guide WebMay your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you wherever you go. Handfasting is an ancient ritual whereby a couple literally tie the knot. - Henry Roth, "50 First Dates", "With a love like that. Dont hold the mic too far away from your mouth or your voice wont get picked up. Stories from past are nostalgic and sometimes embarrassing, it is not nice to share those awkward snippets from the past which would ruin your daughters day. When did you first hear about your loved one's future spouse? 1.) 7.) Wherever you are. You may be in search of an Irish marriage prayer, an Irish wedding toast, or inspiration for creating your own personal Irish wedding vow. The right person is still going to think the sun shines out of your ass." Heres to good Irish friendsNever above youNever below youAlways beside you. The most important part of your father of the bride speech is to put your daughter in the spotlight. Heres to you and yoursAnd to mine and ours.And if mine and oursEver come across to you and yours,I hope you and yours will doAs much for mine and oursAs mine and ours have doneFor you and yours. Don't mention 'em, Peterson says, even if you think everyone might laugh about it now." Heres to the land of the shamrock so green,Heres to each lad and his darlin colleen,Heres to the ones we love dearest and most.May God bless old Ireland, thats this Irishmans toast! What does true love mean to you and how do you feel this couple shares that? And for those of you who know our dadyou know a road trip isn't about stopping for greasy fast foodeven though Savannah managed to always convince him to drive through Taco Bell. May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,may good luck pursue you each morning and night. May the luck of the Irish possess you.May the devil fly off with your worries.May God bless you forever and ever. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Health and long life to you, land without rent to you, a child every year to you, and a return to Old Ireland. If the mood is right, you can make a cheeky joke at this point too, such as, Without all of you here today, it wouldnt be the samebut it would be cheaper., The toast to absent friends and family usually goes to the best man or the bride's partner, but if you want to say a quick word too, you should. May God be with you and bless you, may you see your children's children May the wind be always at your back, may Within this goblet, rich and deep, I cradle all my woes to sleep. - Mignon McLaughlin, "What's meant to be will always find a way." May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. - Trisha Yearwood, "I don't want to sound foolish, but remember love is what brought you here. Sign up on The Knot to reach more couples and book more weddings! May the joys of todayBe those of tomorrow.May the goblets of lifeHold no dregs of sorrow. You'll never regret adding a thank you, but you will regret forgetting one," Sherman says. If you're a member of the bridal party, Sherman suggests thanking your hosts. 4.) -Ann Landers, "How wonderful life is while you're in the world." She was a pleasure to work with and made the vow writing process enjoyable. May good and faithful friends be yours wherever you may roam. 11.) If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to CONTACT US. May there be a generation of children on the children of your children. And thankfully Sophie realised that too! The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". - Elton John, "Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. It's also more than okay to read your typed or handwritten toast at the event. If this is a same-sex wedding, its important to get really specific since there will likely be two men in the role of the father of the bride. 2.) 17.) If God sends you down a stony path, may He give you strong shoes. 7.) But understand wedding ceremonies are truly exhausting and by the time your wedding toast comes, the bride and the groom would be completely tired, all set to fall down on their honeymoon plans. May the Irish hills caress you.May her lakes and rivers bless you.May the luck of the Irish enfold you.May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you. Communicate what qualities you To all the days here and afterMay they be filled with fond memories, happiness, and laughter. I am a storyteller, not a speechwriter. Here are a few quotes for the father of the groom to weave into his speech of well wishes, advice, and touching memories to share with the crowd and the newlyweds. Be sure to check out more toasts from the ListCaboodle library: Best Benjamin Franklin Proverbs, Adages, Aphorisms. Heres to the present, for all that you share. As you ramble through life,whatever be your goal;keep your eye upon the doughnut,and not upon the hole. May the suns rays from the Irish sky warm your face. If youre looking for more ideas for your speech, make sure to check out our father of the bride speech examples, Begin typing to search, use arrow keys to navigate, It's natural to feel a bit nervous about the, Been asked to give a maid of honour speech? May the childrens bright smiles warm your heart. May those you love bring love back to you. 13.) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this day so memorable for them. Heres to our wives and girlfriendsMay they never meet! Any tough moments or emotional decisions leading up to the wedding day? "You do not need to say things like, 'For those of you who don't know me,'" Peterson explains. Below youll find an outline of what you need to include in a simple father of the bride speech, examples and top tips from founder of wedding speechwriting service Do Us A Ditty,Ben Harvell. Make sure the anecdote isnt too long. May you always have walls for the winds,A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,And all your heart might desire. - Nick Mercer, The Wedding Date, "A good marriage is one where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal." Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I am filled with a curious mixture of joy and wonder. May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace.May your troubles grow less as your blessings increase. Some days you'll be building new ways to communicate. Heres a breakdown of what you need to include in a simple father of the bride speech: Most the guests will know exactly who you are, but its worth a quick introduction and a joke to break the ice. Be no worse than the happiest day of your past. 8.) It could be time to reveal you knew exactly who scratched your car or stole that bottle of booze from the cabinet. May the leprechauns dance over your bedand bring you sweet dreams! She sure is the apple of your eyes but the toast and speech is for everyone else too, so do not ignore them. And I am glad to say that we did not scare him away. We cannot share this sorrowIf we havent grieved a while.Nor can we feel anothers joyUntil weve learned to smile. The tradition is supposed to originate from a deal that Saint Bridget struck with Saint Patrick. 5.) She now lives with her husband and children in Kentucky and is proud to be an American citizen. Irish wedding blessings have been handed down from generations past and are a wonderful way to celebrate your Irish heritage on your big day. If youre worried about going over, you could stick to a short joke instead. May the enemies of Ireland never meet a friend. The couple recently welcomed their second child shortly after tying the knot in Hawaii. Love my vows Katelyn!!!! Tis glad I am,and glad Ill be,knowing you like the likes of me. Let schoolmasters puzzle their brainWith grammar and nonsense and learning;Good liquor, I stoutly maintainGive genius a better discerning. Five ancient Irish wedding traditions you may not know about, Ancient Irish wedding traditions and superstitions, The most fabulous celebrity weddings in Ireland, Newlyweds get adorable photobomb during Killarney National Park photo shoot, Beautiful Irish quotes for your wedding vows, Win a traditional Aran Sweater for Him & Her from Aran Woollen Mills, Always Ireland: An Insider's Tour of the Emerald Isle, Baileys introduces its first-ever minty green liqueur. When in a relationship, the ring will be worn on the right hand with the heart facing towards the hand, and then once married, the ring will be worn on the left hand facing towards the body. "Like me, Claire and Adam are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed today as they start a new beginning as a married couple and their own family. You are joining a large, loving and loyal family. Here are some writing prompts to help you drum up the right advice for your speech: What were some of the most challenging parts of marriage and how did you work through them? 1.) This speech by Katelyn Peterson is the perfect starting point for a mother or father of the groom speech or a mother or father of the bride speech. It is the best moment for a father to showcase his full support and never-ending love towards his daughter. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Updated in February 2023. "If youre not a seasoned public speaker, practice is essential, as is a set of cue cards," suggests Ben. Those were the early signs of my son being the dreamer I now know him to be. "Make sure every guest can follow every joke and every story. Saint Patrick was a gentleman,Who through strategy and stealth,Drove all the snakes from Ireland,Heres a toasting to his health.But not too many toastingsLest you lose yourself and thenForget the good Saint PatrickAnd see all those snakes again. 2.) 8.) "No matter how strong of a public speaker you are, don't go into the wedding with plans to 'wing it,'" Peterson explains. Cheers. And Im not going to rest until I get to the bottom of whats gone wrong here.. You might be nervous but you should still be loud. 12.) Yes, Bella Swan's 'Twilight' gown is one. You can keep this section simple or you can get more specific by calling out to key people. Son, walk into your marriage the same way you used to walk into my workshop. Get in touch to see how we can work together. The bravery with which he handles her demands for chicken nuggets at 1am and his chivalrous acceptance of having all her ASOS deliveries sent to his work told me he was the one! When God measures you, may he put the tape around your big and generous heart and not around your small and foolish head. May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,May good luck pursue you each morning and night. 3.) Looking at her today, I can see that both of my wishes for her have been granted and will be for the rest of her life. Imagine listening to your speech if you were someone's plus one or aunt," she says. The toast from the father of the bride is the way to round off and finish the speech you want it to be heart-warming, sentimental, and to make everyone smile. Bennifer is married and better than ever. Wishing you the happiness of a leprechauns gold,And a day of songs of love that will never grow old! Cheers to a lifetime of you two continuing to have fun together! 8.) "Nick, Welcome to the family. The first It is better to spend money like theres no tomorrowthan to spend tonight like theres no money! Following the release of their Netflix docuseries, this tell-all book reveals even more details about the couple's private struggles. Patrick is said to have offered that women be allowed to propose on one day every seven years, but Bridget convinced him to make it every four years. This will allow you to feel and appear more confident. 15.) 6.) - E.E. It sounds super obvious, right? What excites you about their marriage? 5.) May your right hand alwaysBe stretched out in friendshipAnd never in want. 13.) May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future. May the Lord keep you in his hand and never close his fist too tight on you, and may the face of every good news and the back of every bad news be toward us in the New Year. Quantserve sets the mc cookie to anonymously track user behaviour on the website. 2.) - Sharon Rivers, If Beale Street Could Talk, "May this marriage be full of laughter, our every day in paradise." Cheers to you starting the next chapter in your love story. 5.) 9.) One of the hardest parts of writing a wedding toast is getting started. 6.) The Father of the Bride traditions are steeped in history and date back centuries. - Antoine de Saint-Exupry, "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." She radiates with happiness and its a pleasure to see what a kind, caring, genuine woman you are. Looking at him smile today as he sits next to his new spouse, I can see that Nick has once again turned a dream into a reality. Irish proverb. We make no representations or assurance of any kind; expressed or implied, with respect to the website or information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.The inclusion of any link does not necessarily imply a recommendation or to endorse the views expressed within them. How To Be Photogenic? May your hands be forever clasped in friendship, "May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace.". 7.) Let's toast to all the happy couples during National Wedding Month with some words of kindness and a great Irish wedding blessing! May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace. READ MORE: The Etiquette of Parents Paying for the Wedding. May the road rise to meet you.May the wind be always at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face.And rains fall soft upon your fields.And until we meet again,May God hold you in the hollow of His hand. How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech: A Wedding Editor's Guide, Your Complete Guide to Wedding Insurance for 2023, The Complete 14th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: 29 Thoughtful Present Ideas, 99 Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Write in an Anniversary Card, How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows: Real Traditional and Modern Wedding Vows. Thank the brides mother this could be for her hard work in bringing the wedding together or for helping raise such a wonderful daughter and say how happy you are for your daughter's partner's family to be joining yours today. She came well prepared with unexpected and thought-provoking questions to get a better understanding of our love story and who we are as a couple. Marriage takes love and trust and respect. But now Im so relieved that its done, and I honestly cant wait to stand up and tell everyone exactly what my best friend means to me. The parents of the couple could read this in May the leprechauns be near you,To spread luck along your way.May all the Irish angels,Smile upon you on St. Patricks Day. Lets begin with a selection of light-hearted toasts that are good for a laugh and a smile whenever a pint is raised among friends. Opt for stories that are inclusive for the biggest impact," Peterson says. While the majority of your speech will focus on your daughter, its important to also address her new spouse. Do not makeup things, let them be as natural and smooth as can be. Try telling an anecdote that really exemplifies your daughter this could either be something funny or silly, or it could be her passion or commitment to something. This kind of speech is common in many wedding occasions which happen during the reception. 10.) May your marriage be full of unconditional love, mutual respect, and laughter that never ends. Four blessings upon youOlder whiskeyYounger womenFaster horsesMore money. Understanding the Difference Between Mrs. vs Ms. For siblings and parents, what was the bride or groom like as a kid. No worries. And so, without further ado, heres a selection of my favorite Irish wedding blessings, some being slight variations of the same blessing. In all this world, why I do thinkThere are five reasons why we drink:Good friends,good wine,lest we be& dryand any other reason why. "After 31 happy years with your mother, Ive learnt a few lessons I hope you dont mind me passing on. What do you believe is the key to a happy marriage? What was the most fun time you've had together? WebToday, this custom is slightly modified with brides carrying a horseshoe made of fabric on their wrist. ", "May the roof overhead be well thatched. Describe a time you and her new spouse really connected. Yes, we're still dreaming about Priyanka Chopra's veil. Some are heartwarming and tender, some are funny and charming, but all sincerely express wishes of love and happiness for the lucky couple. 5.) I wish you health, I wish you well, and happiness galore.I wish you luck for you and friends; what could I wish you more? Being a father of the bride can be like being on a roller-coaster of emotions. May the sound of happy music. Always remember to forgetThe troubles that passed away.But never forget to rememberThe blessings that come each day. Today I give you a world of Irish marriage wishes at your fingertips. 3.) When Sam first asked permission to marry Alex, I thought I had better carry out some background checks. What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured. Im sure we can all agree how wonderful and tasteful this day has been. 13.) As (name's friend/relative), I'm delighted to welcome you all here tonight." 9.) The bride has been like a ray of warm sunlight on my soul from the day she was born. So if you do include personal references, Sherman suggests making sure they don't go over anyone's head by adding in a word or two of explanation. "Detail your wishes for their future or any advice you want to share," Peterson says, and then, per Sherman's advice, raise your champagne glass and toast to the happy couple before heading off the dance floor. 1.) "Weve had guests come from as far as the US and Australia, so a huge thanks today for going that extra (thousand) miles! How much does it cost? Share with your guests to easily collect all your wedding photos, Writing a Simple Father of the Bride Speech: Our Complete Guide, The Complete Guide to Father of the Bride Duties, 23 Emotional Father of the Bride Quotes and Toasts, emotional quotes and toasts for father of the bride speeches, The Etiquette of Parents Paying for the Wedding, 30 of the Best Father of the Bride Speech Jokes. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. What does each partner bring out in the other? Why do you think this couple will have a successful marriage? Toasts to Discover the most romantic and thoughtful present ideas for celebrating 14 years of marriage with an elephant-inspired gift, or gold jewellery! Share a couple of sweet and funny stories from her childhood. She has sent you this little gift however to make her presence felt. Created by Monster Tracking v2 for internal tracking/fingerprinting - contains the consent ID number of the user. 9.) Irelands most popular baby names of 2022 - by county! Whatever you search for, I hope this selection of old Irish wisdom, prayers, blessings, and toasts will be helpful as you plan the Big Day. 3.) But I hope these blessings and sayings will keep Irish eyes smiling and laughing during any wedding celebration, wherever the festivities may be. As a father, you have dreamt of this day for many many years now, when you would hold your little angel and walk her down the aisle. The Luckiest Wedding Dates to Choose in 2022 and Beyond, Our Favorite Wedding Day Countdown Quotes, How to Support Your Wedding Vendors From Start to Finish, How to Wish Your Family or Friends a Happy Engagement, 32 Essential FAQs to Answer on Your Wedding Website, The Bride Speech: What to Write, Say & Do, The Groom Speech: What to Write, Say & Do, ay-of Wedding Coordinators: What You Need to Know, 15 Statistics From Our LGBTQ Weddings Study, Wedding Planning Struggles That an Only Child Will Face, Junior Groomsman 101: Everything You Need to Know. 7.) Heres to love, for which there is no cure except to marry. WebWedding Speech Opening Lines: Simple and Sincere Opening Lines. Before working with Katelyn, I was nervous and stressed about giving (and writing) such a big, important speech. Even if you've known the happy couple since birth (or you literally birthed one of them yourself) it can be tricky to get your thoughts down on paper. Im not losing a daughter, because I cant ever give her away, but instead Im gaining a strapping son-in-law who will clean my car and cut my grass when I get older. A best man Sherman worked with, for example, added this line at the beginning of his speech: "So if I pass out, all I ask is that someone drags me back to my table in time for cake.". Let us raise our glasses and toast the happy couple. The first one is roots and the second one is wings. 4.) 2.) May the joys of todayBe those of tomorrow.The goblets of lifeHold no dregs of sorrow. Though before tonight, the bride affectionately referred to me as Tagalong because I was always the tagalong little sister. May your heart be as light as a song. Im so proud of both of you. Not everyone can be here today, of course, most of all Lauras sister in Paris whos eight months pregnant at the moment. I thought the process was outstanding. 5.) Don't sweat it: You have plenty of options. I will definitely be calling her up if I have to give another speech in the near future. When the father of the bride gives his wedding speech, its also his responsibility to thank guests for attending. 10.) ", May you have love that never ends, lots of money, and lots of friends.". How hard can holding a microphone really be? Dont be that guy. Long live the IrishLong live their cheer.Long live our friendshipYear after year. 12.) 3.) "Sophie will always be my little princess, but, for the sake of my bank balance, Im grateful she found her Prince Charming. May your blessings outnumberThe Shamrocks that grow.And may trouble avoid youWherever you go. Dont overthink it. Our round-up of emotional quotes and toasts for father of the bride speeches has lots of great examples. May those who love us love us.And those that dont love us,May God turn their hearts.And if He doesnt turn their hearts,May he turn their ankles,So well know them by their limping. I must admit, I am a little apprehensive today, and being a Tranmere Rovers fan Im not used to being in large gatherings, so please bear with me. As Sherman puts it: "A wedding speech isn't a TED talk or a Broadway show. *Mairead Geary came to America for one year 20 years ago. Im so grateful that my little girl, my dream chaser, has made her biggest dream come true today. I remember one family vacation where it was just us and my parents on an 18-hour car ride to Florida. May you always have a clean shirt,A clear conscience,And enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint. Rehearsal Dinners, Bridal Showers & Parties, Flower Girl Dresses and Ring Bearer Outfits. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. It now gives me great pleasure to propose a toast to the happy couple. You were my very favorite part of the process!! When Nick was a little boy, he would walk into my workshop every Saturday morning and ask me the same question: "What are you building?". 5.) Tip #4: Highlight Your Daughter. The father of the bride speech kicks off the wedding speeches and is followed by the bride's partner and the best man. 1.) 11.) With untouched scenery, fairytale-like buildings and the luck of the Irish, many couples are incorporating elements of traditional Irish celebrations into their ceremony. Other days you'll be building your own family traditions. We know how much you have wanted to write those toast and speeches for the wedding ceremony, but it can be overwhelming and difficult to pen down everything in a way that means special. On the other hand, inside jokes can paint a highly personal picture of who the bride or groom is. "What a magnificent venue Sophie and Nick have chosen today. If you're still feeling like you need a little extra help though, it can't hurt to include a love quote or two, so long as it's relevant to the couple and illustrates the greater message you're trying to share about who the pair is. May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. These Irish wedding blessings are seen as a vital part of the Irish tradition and bring luck and best wishes to the couple. The hardest part about writing a father of the bride speech is often around how to start your speech. Why do you think this person is a good match for your daughter? That's love. Make sure the guests can still see you. Here's Who Gives Speeches at the Wedding vs. at the Rehearsal Dinner, What to Do If a Bridesmaid Drops Out of Your Wedding, 15 Tweets About Being a Bridesmaid That Are Spot On, How to Find a Couple's Wedding Website on The Knot, Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2023, 2024 and 2025, Your Wedding Planning Checklist from Start to Finish. Tips, right in your inbox! 6.) 12.) Married life is an adventure and you embark today on that adventure together. 2.) May their soul be on Gods right hand. To love, life and happinessmay your troubles be few and your blessings many. Other weekends it was a crib for when his little sister came along. Father Of The Bride Wedding Toast Examples. But also be sure to look up every few sentences to engage with the guests and to connect with the couple. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Describe your unique bond. Just because you have a mic, this doesnt mean that you dont need to project your voice. Love is something that finds you." The best way to diffuse the situation and create humor out of it is to be upfront, Sherman advises. From wedding anniversary quotes to funny wedding anniversary wishes, here are our favourite ways to wish your partner or friends a very happy wedding anniversary! May all your ups and downs be under the sheets. 12 Helpful Tips To Be A Good Single Mom It, What Are The Benefits Of Green Smoothie For Health And Wellness, Top 20 Love Songs For Wedding For Your First Dance, 25 Things Every Bride Should Carry on Wedding Day. Here are the top areas you should focus on when practicing your speech: Volume: Even with a microphone, you need to project your voice. May you always walk in sunshine. Alternatively, the bride might opt to put a lucky sixpence in her shoe. May the dust of your carriage wheels blind the eyes of your foes. So, thats my speech over, goodnight folks! Created by Monster Tracking v2 for internal tracking/fingerprinting - determines whether the user has consented to being tracked by allowing cookies. Irish wedding bells are special as they were once used to ward off evil spirits. But whether you're the best man, father of the bride, maid of honor, or part of the wedding party, toasting the newlyweds can be a breeze if you follow a few simple tips. Heres to holly and ivy hanging up,And to something wet in every cup. From the pages of history books, scripts, celebrity gossip columns and more, we've rounded up the memorable matchups whose love makes us swoon. Practice varying your inflection at key parts and balance a humorous tone with sentimental and serious tones throughout your speech. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Get the Hitched App. I was incredibly intimidated about writing one. The light of the Christmas star to youThe warmth of home and hearth to youThe cheer and good will of friends to youThe hope of a childlike heart to youThe joy of a thousand angels to youThe love of the Son andGods peace to you. May the meaning of this hour be fulfilled through the days and years to come. Stand still. When it comes time for the toast, put your speech down and pick up your glass at the very end. Hello, Im Ted Jasper and Id like to welcome you all to this joyous occasion where we get to celebrate my daughter, the most gorgeous bride, and her new husband, the luckiest man. It was such a fun experience to video chat with her about my best friend who is getting married this summer. Father of the Bride Duties ExplainedBefore the Wedding. Before the wedding, youll have a minimal role in wedding planning, but the father of the bride has traditionally had the responsibility of picking up the cheque.On the Wedding Day. Top Tips for Father of the Bride. With all my heart, I wish you happiness as you begin the latest adventure life has to offer. Shes dreamed of this day since she was a young girl, and now her dream has come true, complete with her very own Prince Charming. The audience doesn't have any expectation of memorization. Good afternoon, my name is Alan and Im Hannahs Dad. Bachelors Day, sometimes called Ladies Privilege, is an Irish tradition by which women can propose to men on Leap Day, 29th February.

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