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Cyber incidents topped the barometer for only the second time in the surveys history. In a speech given at Carnegie Mellon University, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly pointed to Apple as a company that took security and accountability seriously, and suggested other companies should take note. He has six years of experience in online publishing and marketing. Back in December, the company shared a statement confirming . Posted: Mar 23, 2022 5:36 am. Dubbed BlueBleed Part 1, the Microsoft data leak exposed at least 2.4 terabytes of sensitive data belonging to 65,000 entities in 111 countries. Below, you'll find a full timeline of Microsoft data breaches and security incidents, starting with the most recent. Data discovery, data classification, and data protection strategies can help you find and better protect your companys sensitive data. The tech giant said it quickly addressed the issue and notified impacted customers. February 21, 2023. Attackers gained access to the SolarWinds system, giving them the ability to use software build features. For example, through the flaw which was related to Internet Explorer 6, specifically attackers gained the ability to download malware onto a Google employees computer, giving them access to proprietary information. For instance, you may collect personal data from customers who want to learn more about your services. Cycode, a startup that provides solutions for protecting software source code, emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with $4.6 million in seed funding. We've compiled 98 data breach statistics for 2022 that also cover types of data breaches, industry-specific stats, risks, costs, as well as data breach defense and prevention resources. In October 2017, word broke that an internal database Microsoft used to track bugs within Microsoft products and software was compromised back in 2013. Learn four must-haves for multicloud data protection, including how an integrated solution provides greater scalability and protection across your multicloud and hybrid environment. "This misconfiguration resulted in the potential for unauthenticated access to some business transaction data corresponding to interactions between Microsoft and prospective customers, such as the planning or potential implementation and provisioning of Microsoft services," the companyrevealed. Duncan Riley. Microsoft has confirmed sensitive information from. March 3, 2022: Laboratory Bako Diagnostics (BakoDX) confirmed that the company experienced a data breach resulting in the personal and healthcare information of certain consumers being compromised. "Our investigation did not find indicators of compromise of the exposed storage location. We want to hear from you. It confirms that it was notified by SOCRadar security researchers of a misconfigured Microsoft endpoint on Sept. 24, 2022. The first few months of 2022 did not hold back. Apples security trumps Microsoft and Twitters, say feds, LastPass reveals how it got hacked and its not good news, A beginners guide to Tor: How to navigate the underground internet. A global wave of cyberattacks and data breaches began in January 2021 after four zero-day exploits were discovered in on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers, giving attackers full access to user emails and passwords on affected servers, administrator privileges on the server, and access to connected devices on the same network. When considering plan protections, ask: Who can access the data? Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and History. However, News Corp uncovered evidence that emails were stolen from its journalists. New York CNN Business . While the bulk was for a Russian email service, approximately 33 million about 12 percent of the total stash were for Microsoft Hotmail accounts. But there werent any other safeguards in place, such as a warning notification inside the software announcing that a system change would make the data public. Creating the rogue certificate involved exploiting the algorithm Microsoft used to set up remote desktops on systems, allowing code to be crafted that appeared to come from Microsoft. UPDATED 13:14 EST / MARCH 22 2022 SECURITY Okta and Microsoft breached by Lapsus$ hacking group by Maria Deutscher SHARE The Lapsus$ hacking group has carried out cyberattacks against Okta Inc.. Some solution providers divorce productivity and compliance and try to merely bolt-on data protection. The business transaction data included names, email addresses, email content, company name, and phone numbers, and may have included attached files relating to business between a customer and Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft partner. Microsoft solutions offer audit capability where data can be watched and monitored but doesnt have to be blocked. A misconfigured Microsoft endpoint resulted in the potential for unauthenticated access to some business transaction data. Product Source Code Compromised March 25, 2022 | In News | By admin Hacker group Lapsus$ had breached Microsoft, and it claimed that they compromised the source code of various Microsoft products. The IT giant confirmed by stating that the hacker obtained "limited access" from one account, which Lapsus$ compromised. The company believes such tools should include a verification system to ensure that a user can only look for data pertaining to them, and not to other users. The details which included names, gamer tags, birthdays, and emails were accidentally published online and not accessed via a hack. The tech giant has thanked SOCRadar, but its not happy with the companys blog post, claiming that it greatly exaggerates the scope of the issue and the numbers involved. SOCRadar executives stated that the company does not keep any of the data it comes across and has since deleted any data that its tool may have accessed. According to a posttoday by the Microsoft Security Response Center, the breach related to a misconfigured Microsoft endpoint that was detected by security researchers at SOCRadar Cyber Intelligence Inc. on Sept. 24. This trend will likely continue in 2022 as attackers continue to seek out vulnerabilities in our most critical systems. In Microsoft's server alone, SOCRadar claims to have found2.4 TB of data containing sensitive information, withmore than 335,000 emails, 133,000 projects, and 548,000 exposed users discovered while analyzing the leaked files until now. "We redirect all our customers to MSRC if they want to see the original data. From the article: Successfully managing the lifecycle of data requires that you keep data for the right amount of time. BlueBleed discovered 2.4TB of data, including 335,000 emails, 133,000 projects, and 584,000 exposed users, according to a report on Bleeping Computer. Data leakage protection is a fast-emerging need in the industry. The hackers then pushed out malicious updates to approximately 18,000 SolarWinds customers utilizing a supply chain attack approach, giving them access to the customers systems, networks, and data. New York, Due to persistent pressure from Microsoft, we even have to take down our query page today. Common types of sensitive data include credit card numbers, personally identifiable information (PII) like a home address and date of birth, Social Security Numbers (SSNs), corporate intellectual property (IP) like product schematics, protected health information (PHI), and medical record information that could be used to identify an individual. A threat group calling itself Lapsus$ announced recently that it had gained access to the source code of Microsoft products such as Bing and Cortana. Data Breach Response: Microsoft determines appropriate priority and severity levels of a breach by investigating the functional impact, recoverability, and information impact of the incident. I'd assume MS is telling no more than they are legally required to and even at that possibly framing the information as best as possible to downplay it all. The yearly average data breach cost increased the most between the year's 2020 and 2021 - a spike likely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. UpdateOctober 19,14:44 EDT: Added more info on SOCRadar's BlueBleed portal. Once the data is located, you must assign a value to it as a starting point for governance. In 2021, the effects of ransomware and data breaches were felt by all of us. Almost 2,000 data breaches reported for the first half of 2022. by Lance Whitney in Security. It should be noted that Tor can be used to access illegal content on the dark web, and Digital Trends does not condone or encourage this behavior. They were researching the system and discovered various vulnerabilities relating to Cosmos DB, the Azure database service. Shortening the time it takes to identify and contain a data breach to 200 days or less can save money. Windows Central is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Patrick O'Connor, CISSP, CEH, MBCS takes a look at significant security incidents in 2022 so far: some new enemies, some new weaknesses but mostly the usual suspects. Join this webinar to gain clear advice on the people, process and technology considerations that must be made at every stage of an OT security programs lifecycle. While some of the data that may have been accessed seem trivial, if SOCRadar is correct in what was exposed, it could include some sensitive information about the infrastructure and network configuration of potential customers, Erich Kron, security awareness advocate at security awareness training company KnowBe4 Inc., told SiliconANGLE. Why does Tor exist? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Poll: Do you think Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard will be approved? A major data breach is a reminder that cybercriminals who access exposed data, which sometimes can include PII, can use it for a variety of crimes, including identity theft. The cost of a data breach in 2022 was $4.35M - a 12.7% increase compared to 2020, when the cost was $3.86M. Microsoft Breach - March 2022. Overall, Flame was highly targeted, limiting its spread. Forget foldables, MrMobile goes hands-on with Lenovo's rollable laptop concept. Every level of an organizationfrom IT operations and red and blue teams to the board of directors could be affected by a data breach. Subscribe to the SecurityWeek Email Briefing to stay informed on the latest threats, trends, and technology, along with insightful columns from industry experts. Azure and Breach Notification under the GDPR further details how Microsoft investigates, manages, and responds to security incidents within Azure. Read our posting guidelinese to learn what content is prohibited. Additionally, the configuration issue involved was corrected within two hours of its discovery. January 17, 2022. Hey Sergiu, do you have a CVE for this so I can read further on the exposure? There was a problem. In December 2010, Microsoft announced that Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) a cloud service customers data was accessible to other users of the software. Microsoft stated that a very small number of customers were impacted by the issue. SOCRadar VP of Research Ensa Seker told the publication that no data was shared with anyone through the use of BlueBleed, and all the data that it had collected has since been deleted. We have directly notified the affected customers.". The database wasnt properly password-protected for approximately one month (December 5, 2019, through December 31, 2019), making the details accessible to anyone with a web browser who managed to connect to the database. Lets look at four of the biggest challenges of sensitive data and strategies for protecting it. Some of the original attacks were traced back to Hafnium, which originates in China. Below, youll find a full timeline of Microsoft data breaches and security incidents, starting with the most recent. In it, they asserted that no customer data had been compromised; per Microsofts description, only a single account was hijacked, and the companys security team was able to stop the attack before Lapsus$ could infiltrate any deeper into their organization. The company said the leak included proof-of-execution (PoE) and statement of work (SoW) documents, user information, product orders and offers, project details, and personal information. They are accountable for protecting information and sharing data via processes and workflows that enable protection, while also not hindering workplace productivity. As the specialist looked for more details regarding what was happening, more hacking activity was uncovered. Not really. The proposed Securities and Exchange Commission rule creates new reporting obligations for United States publicly traded companies to disclose cybersecurity incidents, risk management, policies, and governance. Mar 23, 2022 Ravie Lakshmanan Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed that the LAPSUS$ extortion-focused hacking crew had gained "limited access" to its systems, as authentication services provider Okta revealed that nearly 2.5% of its customers have been potentially impacted in the wake of the breach. He was imprisoned from April 2014 until July 2015. 85. In others, it was data relating to COVID-19 testing, tracing, and vaccinations. History has shown that when it comes to ransomware, organizations cannot let their guards down. As mentioned earlier, data discovery requires locating all the places where your sensitive data is stored. The average data breach costs in 2022 is $4.35 million, a 2.6% rise from 2021 amount of $4.24 million. And you dont want to delete data too quickly and put your organization at risk of regulatory violations. "We take this issue very seriously and are disappointed that SOCRadar exaggerated the numbers involved in this issue even after we highlighted their error.". "Our investigation found no indication customer accounts or systems were compromised. The company has also been making a bigger push and investment in cybersecurity with its new Microsoft Security Experts program and integrating security intelligence into its Windows Defender tool. Once its system was impacted, additional hacking activity occurred through its systems, allowing the attackers to reach Microsoft customers as a result. Lapsus took to social media to post a screen capture of the attack, making it clear that its team was deserving of what it considers . by (Marc Solomon). While its known that the records were publicly accessible, it isnt clear whether the data was actually accessed by cybercriminals. This information could be valuable to potential attackers who may be looking for vulnerabilities within one of these organizations networks.. That leads right into data classification. A database containing 250 million Microsoft customer records has been found unsecured and online NurPhoto via Getty Images A new report reveals that 250 million Microsoft customer records,. Due to persistent pressure from Microsoft, we even have to take down our query page today, he added. 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The only way to ensure that your sensitive data is stored properly is with a thorough data discovery process. You can think of it like a B2B version of haveIbeenpwned. Regards.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To abide by the data minimization principle, once the data is no longer serving its purpose, it must be deleted. The threat intel company added that, from its analysis, the leaked data "includes Proof-of-Execution (PoE) and Statement of Work (SoW) documents, user information, product orders/offers, project details, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data, and documents that may reveal intellectual property.

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